Daphne, Volunteer with Age Action

What does volunteering mean for you?

For me volunteering means taking time out and doing something in the hope it will help make a difference to however small to someone else’s life.
Why did you want to volunteer?

I am very fortunate in that I have a very fulfilled life, good job, great family and friends. I think that in the current world where a lot of emphasis is put on money, career and status that there is a risk that people can become totally self-absorbed and uncaring towards helping others. I feel Volunteering for me was an opportunity to give something back to society a way of sharing with others.

What was your role as a volunteer?

I.T. Trainer – Getting Started with Computers (Age Action)

What did you gain by volunteering?

An enormous sense of job satisfaction and achievement. Also an awareness that you don’t need to be someone in power to make a difference.

What would you like to say to people who would like to volunteer?

Do it. There are opportunities for everyone.

Do you wish to add anything else?

Nothing really only to re-iterate that for me it was a two-way process, my contribution was greatly appreciated and I totally enjoyed the whole experience so all parties benefited.

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