Mary, Volunteer as an English Teacher for new immigrants

What does volunteering mean for you?

I have enjoyed volunteering so much.  It means I’m involved with my community with people who have real needs; and I am trained to meet those needs.  I really have enjoyed knowing the people I worked with this year.
Why did you want to volunteer?
My job is so enveloping that I felt I was losing touch with my community.  This is a nice break from my regular work, and an easy way to meet and help others who have recently moved here.  And it is using my skills.

What is/was your role as a volunteer?

I taught English to a class of new immigrants.

What did you gain by volunteering?

A sense of satisfaction and a real sense of knowing and enjoying people with such a different culture to mine.

What would you like to say to people who would like to volunteer?

I think that it is so good to do things that stretch you.  A change is as good as a rest…it’s very restful to do something that is different.  It’s well worth giving up time too…we waste so much time anyway.

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